unbroken down

By Dave Jordano 

Everybody was raving about Dave Jordano's exhibition at the Side gallery on the quayside in Newcastle Upon Tyne. When I found out it was about a fallen down city, such as Detroit I really felt that this exhibition was relevant to Newcastle as a city,  which has a lot of post industrial history, like Detroit. 

My first reaction to the exhibition, was the vibrant colours in the photographs. I immediately wanted to know what format was used. It didn't say anywhere but my guess was large format on film, just because the format size, print and colours of Dave Jordano's photographs. I was slightly overwhelmed by his collection. I wanted to look at them all at once but i started from the beginning, although the nature of the exhibition was that you could have started from any corner in the space, and I really like the diversity of that.


I would had liked a little bit more space in between the images as they all were so intimate and personal. I love the fact that there was a little bit of text beside the images, although all Dave Jordano's images spoke for themselves. His execution in the images are near perfection, and it made me wonder how a photographer can get every image so right? How did he get the photograph of Diane sleeping? I had so many questions I wanted to ask Jordano.


From this exhibition I learned about Detriot, and I now see Detriot in a different light. The exhibition "Detroit Unbroken Down" suggest it's not broken in the way that so many people around the world thinks. This exhibition made me want to go and visit this vibrant place. 

Evening Gathering, Detriot 2014
This image gives me the sense of community and belonging. people look after each other.
Brad delay, Detriot 2010
Brad was made redundant but that did not put him off finding new work, digging for brass pipes and then selling them on. I get the sense that giving up is not an option. These people strike me as very positive and warm hearted.
Calvin, Eastside, Detriot 2011
Calvin; There are no bad dogs, only bad humans.

Me; He is so right.
Charlie, Detriot 2012
Charlie and his custom built bike, Goldengate Street.

Even though poverty hit Detriot hard, there is a sense of caring for every detail.

"You can make anything out of old things" - Charlie
Residents Pets, Detroit 2014.
Moran Street, Eastside.
Diane Sleeping
Dave Jordano spent a lot of time with his subjects, and you can really see that in this image.
Semira Sleeping
Eastside Detroit 2012
David and Juwan
Palmer Park, Detroit 2011

Detroit strikes me as diverse and open minded.
Exhibition Space
Side gallery on the Quayside.

Because the size of the exhibition space is not huge these images are slightly to close to each other. I think that Jordano really captures their visibility for those who has been invisible to the outside world. His images are also very honest and intimate so therefor I would had liked a little bit more air in between the frames.
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