Below is a portfolio of my freelance photography work. I have experience in photographing events (both business and third sector), performance arts, weddings, portraits and more. 


If you would be interested in my photography services, please contact me using the contact form on this website.  

Event and Workshop Photography

I have undertaken a variety of event based photography, including this series, below for the Byker Wall Community Trust. I am also the ongoing photographer for the educational organisation, the Barn at Easington, where I document their workshops and educational sessions. 

Byker Wall Community Trust
The Barn at Easington 

Performance and Fine Art Photography

I have been commissioned to photograph the work of a number of local artists and performance artists in the North East. Here you can see examples of the portraits I took for the artist Suzie Green, for her own personal website (​)


In 2017, I also documented a series of performances at Baltic 39 by the performance artist Nicola Singh, for her own personal archive 

Susie Green

Performance and Fine Art Photography

Nicola Singh at Baltic 39