Restoring bee hive boxes

Volunteers are preparing bee hive boxes for summer. These bee's will definitely be happy with their new home. 

Wasp hive

Today i was part of cutting a wasp hive in half. All the wasps had left the hive to find a warmer home during winter. To our surprise, the queen was still there. I have never seen a wasp hive in detail before. It was absolutely beautiful. 

Team Work

and helping each other, is a big part of community gardens. 

We Grow

a lot of different vegetables at the gardens. We have group lunch every Wednesday, and most of the food is from our garden. 



This community is vital in this society we live in right now, and I will be posting new pictures every week, and writing about Scotswood Community Garden from 2017 onwards. I want to show you how much work, love and energy goes into a place like this. If you feel like you have something to say or add to this project, please drop a message below or email me. 

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