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Jo was born in 1978 in a small town in the south of Sweden. After obtaining a degree in Fine Art and Photography, at the College of Haganässkolan, Jo moved to England in 1999, eventually settling in Newcastle in 2002. 


Having taken a break from photography after moving to the UK, Jo began taking photographs again in 2009. Her first images were of their natural surroundings in the ex-mining village of Easington, where she had been living, in a caravan, on a farm by the sea. Much of her early work reflects the dramatic, and often volatile landscape of the North East. Before long, she had also turned her photographic eye towards the dynamism of Newcastle's urban spaces and people. In 2015, Jo decided to enrol on a BA in Photography, Video and Digital Imaging at the University of Sunderland, which she completed in 2018. 


Jo's interests and early work lie in capturing the play of light and shadow on rural and urban landscapes. She is established as a documenter of social issues in the North East, with projects ranging from working with the homeless to local communities. As a freelance photographer, Jo has been commissioned to photograph community events, educational workshops, and performance pieces for local artists and organisations in the North East.  


You can find out more about Jo's work and ongoing projects by following her on facebook, or checking this website for updates. To enquire about hiring Jo for her commercial and professional services, go to the 'Contact' page below. Currently Jo lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne uk. 

I have exhibited my work in a variety of locations across the North East over the past ten years. Below you can see a selection of some of my most recent exhibitions. 

2019. Jason & Victoria: Disability and Partnership. Side Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne. May-June 2019


2017. Scotswood Community Garden Centre. [Photobook]. 


2014. Landscape HipstamaticYork Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, York

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