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Since 2010, the number of people sleeping rough i the uk has doubled. This year, 2017, it is estimated that over a quarter of a million people are currently homeless. Whilst these statistics gives us an idea of the scale of homelessness, they often overlook the human experiences that go with it.

I was in Newcastle a few years ago when i met a couple sleeping rough with their staffordshire bull terrier. Being a dog lover , i noticed them right away, and stopped to chat. I sat for a while with them, and began petting the dog, who came over to me and pushed his body into mine. I could see that he was guarding his owners in a protective way, but still trusted other humans. 

I didn't feel right taking a picture of the couple, but i did want to find some way of documenting their life, and so i began to focus on homelessness from the dogs prospective. 

Newcastle, North East 2013. (book available in store)

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